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I got tagged by :iconmaeix2: , so here are those eight facts about Micah.

1. Post 8 facts about your character.
2. Tag 8 other characters.  (This does presume I can...)
3. Post their names along with their creators' avatars. 

About Micah:

Glad I Found You by TwilightBlade  A Frame For Thy Grace by TwilightBlade  He's Got His Own Ideas by TwilightBlade Chance Meeting by TwilightBlade  Micah with Imaginary Echo by TwilightBlade
  1. Micah Shadow is the vet of Silver Wings Ranch, my HARPG stable, as well as a main character in one of my currently-being-written novels
  2. Micah's name is actually just the closest possible name to "Mica," as in the glittery black bits seen in granite. Mica is a black, translucent stone that comes in hundreds of paper-thin sheets pressed together. If peeled apart and held up to the light, you can see through them. Just what you'd think of if I said, say, "Through a glass darkly." ^^ His personality kind of follows from his name, or his name from his personality--not sure which. He has a dark (hidden?) light, and lots of shadows that he keeps to.
  3. Micah, in both incarnations of the character, is of Elvin origins--which actually comes from a completely separate book from his own. 
  4. He is a healer--goes along with the veterinary work he does at Silver Wings Ranch; but not in his novel (there he manipulates light).
  5. He has, as can be seen in pictures, insanely long black hair. In all of his incarnations. At SWR he tends to wear a pony tail, but in his other life, he wears a lot of intricate braids and wears a silver quarter moon earring. Just one, on a slim, silver chain, so it kind of spins and moves a lot.
  6. He comes from a place where the most common color is blue (including the trees and such), and he misses the beauty. The jungle-like island is close in some ways, but he loves the wildest places best. If there are few people, he likes it better. He is very attuned to plants, so likely a desert would not make him happy. Or a mountain top. He likes forests, especially, big, deeeep forests. Which is why he's forever getting stuck going to well-populated areas. :evillaugh: 
  7. His best human friend at SWR is Twilight Sandhya, but even she doesn't get to know very much about him. (He's an illusive fellow. Elusive too.) His best non-human friends are all the Daemons at the ranch, especially the pegasi, like A Toast to the Dawn and Endless Illusion. He's currently training Illusion in air racing.
  8. At Silver Wings Ranch, he's tall--as in, 6 or so feet. Which makes perfect sense, as the Daemons were bred to be so tall and long-limbed so as to carry very tall Micah and other elves in the world they come from. Which also explains why he's about the only rider on the ranch who doesn't look shrunken when on a Daemon's back or standing beside one.
  9. Bonus fact!! -- He's a very good dancer in the SWR rp. In his novel, he's a very, very good fighter.

A Frame For Thy Grace by TwilightBlade Sunbourne by TwilightBlade  Want An Apple? by TwilightBladeA Play Day by TwilightBlade
About Twilight Sandhya:
  1. Twilight is the older sister of a two-child house-hold in a "clan" that usually has very large family groups of five or more children; the younger sibling is her brother, Azure Sandhya.
  2. Twilight was named for her eyes and the time of day she was born; she had unusual grey eyes as a newborn, and they are now a mix of grey, green, and amber. Call it an odd type of hazel. People often find it hard to meet her gaze, and her gaze tends to seem sharp and predatory when she's angry.
  3. She's part of the main family of the Sandhyas, and while the entire clan has a rather odd naming convention (hence Azure and Twilight), the main family is especially known for not choosing "names" over "adjectives" that describe their children. 
  4. Before she and her brother discovered the island, she hadn't fit in as well with the rest of the family with her career-choices like her brother, and had been "drifting" a bit, just helping out for various cousins and other family members with anything from basic secretarial work and physical tasks to over-seeing and organizing small jobs. When they found the island, she was acting as a cargo manager and back-up pilot for the cargo plane her brother was piloting.
  5. She focuses on being practical, even-handed, and steady in any situation. Even while she might be fretting inside, she presents the face of someone who is polite, calm, and controlled as much as possible. As a result, she doesn't have many close friends because she often comes off as cold and overly serious. 
  6. Silver Wings Ranch was her first "rebellion" against her self-image and the first time she truly felt passionate about something she was doing. The controlled-crash landing on the island and her subsequent isolation from outside influences other than her brother allowed her to open up and connect her inner-self and emotions. After the discovery of the Daemons and the coincidentally fortuitous cargo of building materials facilitated creating a home and ranch on the island, she has since become very stubborn about keeping the Ranch going.
  7. After their father's death and the hurricane that destroyed many of the facilities on the island, Twilight has focused even more strongly on the Daemons and the Ranch. The rest of the Sandhya family, cousins and all, have rallied behind her determination and have pitched in to help as much as possible.
  8. Her closest friend was her brother, and while he continues to take part in the ranch by flying staff and equines about and bring supplies in, he is no longer as active as he was originally. She has since come to rely on Micah Shadow as vet, Daemon trainer, sometime confidant, and dance partner. 
  9. Bonus fact!! -- She created the ranch out of family advice and intensive research, and she still feels more confident as a business manager than as a rider.

About Azure Sandhya:
  1.  Azure Sandhya is Twilight's younger brother and something of a perfectionist with a tendency to get too intense. As part of a small family, he stood alone against the other young boys of the extended family at get-togethers and reunions, although Twilight backed him up as much as she could. When challenged, he will either strike back full force with all his talent and knowledge or deflect and try to ignore an area he can't or won't compete in. 
  2. Like Twilight, Azure was named for his eyes and the time of day (noon) he was born. He is extremely expressive when confident, but closes down more in uncertain situations; he is one of the only people who can read Twilight's expressions and moods. Enjoys a good argument but is especially careful for and protective toward his sister. 
  3. He enjoys riding but has drawn back from the competition side of the ranch after set-backs during their first year and focused in on piloting for shows and helping exercise the dressage mounts. He didn't enjoy handing over "his" mare, Kuketski, to the new dressage trainer, Evan Aymaden, but he recognized greater skill and retreated to an area he couldn't be challenged in (piloting). As a result, he unconsciously (and sometimes on purpose) avoids Evan, and this has created a small but noticeable strain on both of them.
  4. He recognizes Twilight's drive and encourages her quietly from the side now that she has a focus outside of helping their extended family, doing his best to be near her with unobtrusive support. He is wary of Micah Shadow since they still know very little about their vet, but can't get between his sister and Micah, so he tends to watch from a (smallish) distance.
  5. He loves to pilot their planes and has especially been drawn to taking live cargo such as horses. He feels that his level of skill is something that will keep his sister and what she loves to do as safe as possible, and he studies and practices constantly to improve. Ever since he "crashed" without injuring either of them or the plane itself, he has gained more confidence in his flying skills and leans more and more toward flying as much as possible. Twilight recognizes this and tries to give him as many opportunities to fly as possible; even neglecting their ship transport for flight.
  6. As a pilot, he is drawn toward their two wing'd equines, but is hesitant about approaching Micah. He is still trying to connect with anyone other than his sister or other immediate family on a meaningful basis beyond immediate challenges or other social posturing learned from his cousins. Flying is the only place, other than beside his sister, that he is currently feeling confident and fulfilled in, especially after the death of their father. He has begun to tentatively practice more dressage and reach out and make friends with A Toast to the Dawn and Endless Illusion.
  7. He regards the back-and-forth between long-time family friend Rinmaysa Terfel and his cousin, Daiesen Sandhya, with interest and amusement and often subtly encourages Rin to go after Dai. He helped Rin stay near Dai after the hurricane with careful shuffling of work schedules and taking some extra flights.
  8. Ever since Phantom Fire has shown interest and enjoyment toward vehicles and flying, Azure has become more friendly with the stallion and has taken to carrying about beef jerky treats for whenever they encounter one another. It has been noted (by Twilight and Rin) that Phantom Fire has begun figuring his way out of stalls and the barn to specifically go visit Azure's plane and will track Azure anywhere on the island.
  9. Bonus fact!! -- He hates watermelon. Taste, texture, and general messiness alike, he dislikes even smelling it. The current theory on the reason for this is its constant presence at any family gathering, but otherwise is just considered an odd quirk, since no one else knows that he first ate it with salt and pepper and has never gotten over the impression.


Soulfang by :iconnovadragon1000:

Ms. R. Mavourneen by :iconice-hooves-acres:

Phenex or Asmodeus :iconladyofthegeneral:

Jessica by :iconpurpleshadowbooster:

Hrim by :iconcsstables:

^^ So, there he is, for now. He was refusing to divulge much more information on himself and stuck to the facts, and strictly the facts. I suppose I went easy on him this time.
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